FXStreet, the leading independent portal dedicated to the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market, was brought to life in January 2000 by its founder, Francesc Riverola, an economist from Barcelona (Catalunya), who moulded his original "home business" into a solid international company. Together with his partners, Míriam Pinatell and Sergi Fernández, their project has grown to become the trusted source of Forex for millions of users throughout the world.


FXStreet News service is a totally exclusive and original news feed.

The Editorial Team at FXStreet works around the clcok, offering between 200-250 news / day. On top of that, our automatic calendar headlines add an additional 40-50. Besides, FXStreet News service runs in multiple languages, from German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Indonesian, Turkish and a few more.

FXStreet News remains ranked top worldwide among Twitter Inc. users of currency-market analysis.

You will find our exclusive news feed in our news section here.

Economic Calendar

FXStreet owns macroeconomic data of the most revelant events and provides it to third parties with http requests. You can find some of this data on our economic calendar: FXStreet Economic Calendar

In this document, you can find how this access works and all the options the IT department can use.


And remember! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question about our services at [email protected].