API Key Authentication (Deprecated)


This authentication method has been deprecated.


This authentication method is supported in:

  • News API
  • Daily Market Analysis API
  • Economic Calendar API (deprecated versions: v2 & v4)

API calls expect 3 parameters:

  • k as your client key
  • t as the timestamp
  • s as the generated hash

All the calls must end with that keys:


k, s, t will be valid for 15 minutes.



FXstreet will provide client's public key.


The current datetime in utc as yyyyMMddHHmm. For example, 2012-02-15 17:14:33 should be formated as 201202151714.


FXStreet will provide client's private key (YOUR_CLIENT_PRIVATE_KEY). s will is a SHA1 hash string generated using that private key concatenated with t.

Code Samples

public string GenerateHash(System.DateTime dt, string input)
var hasher = System.Security.Cryptography.SHA1.Create();
string res = string.Empty;
byte[] data = hasher.ComputeHash(System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(string.Concat(input, dt.ToString("yyyyMMddHHmm"))));
foreach (byte b in data)
res += string.Format("{0:x2}", b);
return res;