OAuth2 Authentication (v2)


This authentication method is supported in:

  • Economic Calendar API.
  • News API.

This authentication method is based on the OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials Grant flow. You will exchange your client credentials for an access token that you will then use to call our APIs.

Step 1: Get your client credentials

At first, in order to use this method, you need to have your public key and your private key, which will be provided to you by our sales department ([email protected]).

Step 2: Obtain an access token from our authorization server

You need to make a HTTP POST request to our authorization server in order to obtain the Access Token.

  • Resource URL: https://authorization.fxstreet.com/v2/token
  • HTTP Method: POST
  • Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • Response Format: JSON

The access token will only be valid for 24 hours.

Warning: Server-side only

This step should only be done on the server-side only. Never send your client credentials from the client side.

If you need to call our APIs from the client side, you should obtain the access token in your server and then send it to your client (so you don't expose the credentials).


All parameters are required.


For this flow it must be client_credentials.


This value must be your public key.


This value must be your private key.


The scope you are requesting access to.

For the Economic Calendar API, the scope is calendar.

For the News API, the scope is news.


If the credentials are correct and you are allowed to access the requested scope, the authorization server will return a JSON response containing the access_token:

"access_token": "pkxvMZk7eRoHT5H3hl8qXwUYt0wDcUlQr4NOpK3vLsUnMzC76h0koyxwKF8N",
"token_type": "Bearer",
"expires_in": 86399


curl -d "grant_type=client_credentials" -d "client_id={public_key}" -d "client_secret={private_key}" -d "scope=calendar" https://authorization.fxstreet.com/v2/token

Step 3: Send the access token to the API

Once you have the access token, you should just add an Authorization header to your API requests in the following format:

Authorization: {token_type} {access_token}
Authorization: Bearer pkxvMZk7eRoHT5H3hl8qXwUYt0wDcUlQr4NOpK3vLsUnMzC76h0koyxwKF8N
curl -X GET -H "Authorization: {token_type} {access_token}" https://calendar-api.fxstreet.com/en/api/v1/marketImpact/assets