Economic Calendar API

FXStreet owns useful macroeconomic data on the most relevant economic events. This data can be accessed using our Economic Calendar API.

You can take a quick look at some of this data in the Economic Calendar section of FXStreet's website.

Basic Concepts

Our Economic Calendar data is composed of hundreds of important events. There are two kinds of entities that must be clearly understood when using our API.

Event - Event

An event is a noteworthy entity that our editors have picked to include in our economic calendar. It is not associated with a specific date, as this is related to the concept of the event, such as the Nonfarm Payrolls.

An event can be recurrent (and have a frequency in which happens or in which data is released) and not. It may have one or many occurrences (that are associated with the event and a specific date and time). It is specific to a country, related to a currency, has a category and other properties that are common for all occurrences of that recurrent event-

This entity can also be referred to as Event.

Event Occurrence - EventDate

An event occurrence is an instance of an event that happens in a specific date and time. An example of an event occurrence can be the data release of the Nonfarm Payrolls for December 2019.

An occurrence is usually related to a data release, so it can contain relevant values like the actual, consensus, etc.

This entity can also be referred to as EventDate.

API Reference

You can take a look at our API Reference for a full documentation of all endpoints.

Youcan try our API by using an access token generated with the OAuth2 Access Token Generator.


In order to be notified of updates on our economic calendar data, our Economic Calendar service offers webhooks. Learn more about the calendar webhooks here.

Instead of constantly polling our API, you can subscribe to the updates that you are interested in (like when an event is created or deleted) and we will notify you when this happens in order to update the precise part of our data at the precise time. An explanation about how webhooks work can be found here.


All Economic Calendar API endpoints are protected, so all requests must be authenticated using OAuth2 Authentication v2.

If you would like to try out the API by using the API Reference, you can easily use the OAuth2 Access Token Generator to obtain the access token needed.