Getting data updates

If you are using our APIs, you are probably interested in keeping your data up to date.

The typical solution can be polling for data very frequently in order to get updates in real-time, but it might not be the best fit for you. As you will make lots of requests when there is no new data to pull, those resources will be wasted and it will be inefficient. In addition, even if you pull data very frequently, the overall update time might be too slow for you.

When a data update happens (e.g. when a new post is published or when new data has been released for a calendar event), we can immediately notify your services so you know when data has changed.

This notification can contain a small set of data or just tell you when the item X has been changed, so you can update that element with the notification data or get it through our API at the right time.

We currently have two methods of getting data updates without having to constantly poll our API: webhooks and SignalR.


Webhooks (also called web callbacks) allow our services to notify updates to your own services using HTTP requests.

Unlike SignalR, this method does not require a network connection to be constantly open.

They are available for:


SignalR is a software library that allows us to push real-time notifications to our clients containing concise data updates.

This method requires that a network connection with our servers is always open when notifications will be immediately pushed. This connection can either be done on the client-side or on the server-side.

Available for: