News API News feed, the leading Forex website, can now be integrated in any information website or broker's currencies platform.

We provide a 24hr exclusive service that covers in real-time the most relevant movements in the following asset classes:

FX Majors, Minors and Exotics

This news service gives a general snapshot blending both fundamental and technical elements to understand the latest moves in the Forex market. experts' views and bank's research analysis are also integrated in our news to give an extra layer of insight to the information.

Stocks, Commodities and Bonds

The feed also includes stocks (major indices such as Nikkei 225, Shanghai's SSE Composite, DAX, Eurostoxx50, SP500, DJ30, etc) and commodities news (gold, oil, copper, silver, iron ore etc) when important movements occur and have noteworthy impacts on the currencies. Besides, we also make regular mention of bond yields as part of our wide coverage, as it helps our audience better understand market conditions.


Key drivers in the FX market from a macro perspective are also integrated in our news service. From Central Banks speeches, Geo-political events, headlines by key politicians, announcements by rating agencies, and much more.

Economic Indicators

Some of the most important economic indicators are covered too, as PIB numbers, central banks interest rate decisions or non-farm payrolls for example.

Bank Research Analysis

We are continuously expanding our institutional research coverage, and with the exception of a few banks, the majority of strategists/economists/analysts are allowing us to quote their work, as they find it to be a win win situation to enhance their exposure too. Some of the banks one can find in our feed include: Westpac, RBS, BBH, Commerzbank, ANZ, Rabobank, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Danske Bank, Deutsche Bank, NAB, BNZ, HSBC and many more.

Inter-Market Analysis

Being aware of the global interconnections between equities, bonds, currencies, commodities, is vitally impotant. For a currency to move in a particular direction, and without taking into account short term/intraday flows, there are underlying reasons for markets to fluctuate. At FXStreet, we connect the dots and provide comprehensive analysis on risk on/off market profiles, fundamentals, seek for higher yields, valuations, etc.

Option Expires

We also provide daily information on the expiration date of FX option contracts.

To sum up

FXStreet News service is a totally exclusive and original news feed. The Editorial Team at FXStreet works around the clcok, offering between 200-250 news / day. On top of that, our automatic calendar headlines add an additional 40-50. Besides, FXStreet News service runs in multiple languages, from German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and a few more. FXStreet News remains ranked top worldwide among Twitter Inc. users of currency-market analysis. You will find our exclusive news feed in our news section at