News for MetaTrader: Parameters

Here is a brief description of the URL and the parameters you have to use to get access to the News feed.


  • This URL is the API endpoint to access the News Feed in XML format
  • This URL is the API endpoint to access the News Feed in a valid RSS format
  • This URL is the API endpoint to access the News Feed in JSON format

Client Key

The User Key paramater is a unique key that identifies you as a client of our services. This key is a 20 digits key with [0-9] and [A-F] characters. For example, A0000AA0000A0000A000.


Do not share this Key under any circumstance.

Error Messages

  • must specify client key: this message means you have forgotten to attach the client key in the request.
  • not authorized: this message means you don't have contracted this item, please contact us if did have acquired this item but it's denying access.


This attribute describes what kind of news feed you want to get. If you do not provide this paramter, you will get a must specify item error message.

Here you have the current items you can have access to. Take in mind that you should have acquired this items in your contract in order to get access to the news feed, if you have not acquired this item you will get a not authorized error message every time you make a request to the API.

  • Arabic News Feed: arabicnewscharts
  • Arabic News Feed (White Label): arabicnewschartswl
  • Chinese News Feed: chinesenewscharts
  • Chinese News Feed (White Label): chinesenewschartswl
  • English News Feed: englishnewscharts
  • English News Feed (White Label): englishnewschartswl
  • French News Feed: frenchnewscharts
  • French News Feed (White Label): frenchnewschartswl
  • German News Feed: germannewscharts
  • German News Feed (White Label): germannewschartswl
  • Indonesian News Feed: indonesiannewscharts
  • Indonesian News Feed (White Label): indonesiannewschartswl
  • Russian News Feed: russiannewscharts
  • Russian News Feed (White Label): russiannewschartswl
  • Spanish News Feed: spanishnewscharts
  • Spanish News Feed (White Label): spanishnewschartswl
  • Traditional Chinese News Feed: tradchinesenewscharts
  • Traditional Chinese News Feed (White Label): tradchinesenewschartswl
  • Turkish News Feed: turkishnewscharts
  • Turkish News Feed (White Label): turkishnewscharts