Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have some doubts or you have having trouble using our APIs or widgets, this page might help you. If you still have doubts or problems, don't hesitate to contact our sales department at [email protected].


1. How can I get the my public and private keys to access the APIs?

In order to have access to our APIs and obtain your client credentials (public and private keys), you should get in contact with our sales departament at [email protected].

2. How do I get the token to access the APIs?

In order to access the APIs, you should authenticate all requests. The authentication methods for our APIs are explained in this page.

3. How much does it cost?

Please get in contact with our sales department ([email protected]) and they will help you with this.

4. When I ping any of the APIs I get no answer. Is this possible?

The ICMP protocol (used by ping) is blocked on our APIs, so you can not ping our API services. If you still want to ping our services, you can try using TCP.

Economic Calendar API

5. Do IDs change between different languages?

No. The identifier of an event or an event occurrence does not change between different languages. It is unique.

6. Does the ID of an event occurrence change when its date or time are modified?

No*. When our editors change the date or time of an event occurrence (EventDate), the ID of that event occurrence does not change.

* Sometimes, there might be some trouble with an event occurrence and it can be deleted and recreated again (with an new ID), but this is not frequent.

7. I have trouble receiving webhook payloads, do you have any log records?

Yes. When our services make a request to thewebhook endpoints you've configured, we temporarily store some records of your responses. If you need to look at them, please contact us.


8. I have placed the widget in my website but it does not work. I get an Unauthorized, 403 or "Lang not allowed" error in the browser's console. How can I fix this?

If you get an Unauthorized message or a 403 Unauthorized response after placing the widget in your website, please check that you are checking it from one of the domains you provided us. If you wish to provide additional domains, please contact us.

9. How much does it cost?

Please get in contact with our sales department ([email protected]) and they will help you with this.

10. Can I self-host the scripts for the widgets?

No. For our widgets to work, all scripts and additional resources must be hosted by FXStreet.

They are served through a Content Delivery Network (CDN) in order to be sent to your users as fast as possible.

11. Why does the widget stop working when I insert it in an iframe?

Our widgets can be inserted at any level of the body of your page, but they can't be wrapped by an iframe element.

Economic Calendar Widgets

12. I have placed the sample HTML and loaded the script in my website, but the widget is not painted. How can I fix this?

There might be some cases, where widget declarations are not yet in the DOM of the page (e.g. client-rendered elements, single-page applications...) when our widgets library is loaded and the widgets are painted.

For a better handling of these cases, we provide a set of utilities that can help developers address it easily. You can take a look at them here.