Interest Rates Widget (v1)


This widget has been deprecated, please use the current calendar widgets instead.

This page shows all the information related the interest rates for an specified zone.

<div id="your-id-here"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
id: "your-id-here",
culture: "en-us", // diplay culture
timezone: "UTC", // your timezone
zone: "all", // all countries
chart: 1 // charts on


How to set up countries

In order to select the countries you want to show in the first load (before the filter is being used) you should use the config countrycode within the var fxcalendar_config. You can add as many countries as you want, separated by coma. You can see all the available countries after this code example.

<script type="text/javascript">
var fxcalendar_config = {
countrycode: 'US,UK,JP,EMU',

Available countries

  • AR: Argentina
  • AU: Australia
  • AT: Austria
  • BE: Belgium
  • BR: Brazil
  • CA: Canada
  • CL: Chile
  • CN: China
  • CZ: Czech Republic
  • DK: Denmark
  • EMU: European Monetary Union
  • DE: Deutchland
  • FI: Finland
  • FR: France
  • GR: Greece
  • HU: Hungary
  • IS: Isceland
  • IN: India
  • ID: Indonesia
  • IE: Ireland
  • IT: Italy
  • JP: Japan
  • MX: Mexico
  • NL: Netherlands
  • NZ: New Zealand
  • NO: Norway
  • PL: Poland
  • PT: Portugal
  • RO: romania
  • RU: Russian Federation
  • SK: Slovakia
  • ZA: South Africa
  • KR: South Korea
  • ES: Spain
  • SE: Sweden
  • CH: Switzerland
  • TR: Turkey
  • UK: United Kingdom
  • US: United States